Capture instant 401k payments

How To Generate Instant 401k Payments

I don’t believe in “get rich quick” schemes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t generate cash in your 401k quickly. In fact, today I want to show you how to collect instant 401k payments.

These instant 401k payments are possible, thanks to a specific strategy I picked up when I was a hedge fund manager.

This was a powerful tool for helping my affluent customers get even richer. But it also works just as well even if you’re not a wealthy hedge fund client. Today, we’ll look at how to generate these instant 401k payments in your own account.

Editor’s Note: This is part five in our series on how to invest your 401(k) account. See also:

A Secret Way To Capture Instant 401k Payments

The strategy I’m going to show you today is somewhat obscure. I’m willing to bet that only a tiny fraction of investors even know that it exists.

But the strategy we’ll cover today is very legit. It’s been touted by CNBC, Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal as an excellent way to grow your wealth while lowering your investment risk.

The secret way to capture instant 401k payments is by selling put option contracts.

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When you sell a put contract, you’re entering an agreement to buy shares of stock at a certain price. This agreement only lasts for a specific time period.

The buyer of the put contract has the right to sell those shares of stock to you at the agreed upon price. This buyer pays you for entering the agreement. And that payment is how you can collect instant cash in your 401k account.

Finding The Best Instant 401k Payments

I won’t just sell any put contract to generate cash in my account. The best way to capture instant 401k payments is to follow a 3-step process:

  1. Choose ONLY stocks you want to own. I keep a watch list of stocks that I consider “good investments.” These are stocks that I would like to own if I could buy them at an attractive price.
  2. Determine a discount price you would be happy with. If you could buy your favorite stock for a $2.00 discount would you pull the trigger? I use valuation and growth analysis to determine what I would be willing to pay for a stock on my list.
  3. Pick a corresponding put contract that pays enough income. If there is a put contact that allows me to buy shares at my target price, and if I get paid well to sell that put contract, then I know this is a good income opportunity.

I’ve created a special trading service that focuses exclusively on finding the best instant income opportunities. The service is called Income on Demand and you can find out more by clicking on the link.

Additionally, we talk about a lot of great stocks on this site which fit the bill for income opportunities. So as you do your own research, make sure you stay tuned. I’ll be helping you find new candidates to use for your own instant 401k payments.

Zach Scheidt