Zach Scheidt’s 20/20 Watch List

An Actionable List of Stocks…

The 20/20 Watch List is a continually updated list of stocks poised to make significant moves. The list is divided into 3 categories with at least 20 tickers I’m watching in each category…

Bullish Long Plays

This list includes 20 of the most aggressive stocks with potential to trade sharply higher in a short period of time.

These stocks are great candidates for speculating on a stock price surge, or for buying call contracts that will benefit when shares trade higher.

Bearish Short Plays

This list includes 20 of the most vulnerable stocks with potential to trade sharply lower.

These stocks are great candidates for a short sale, or to buy put contracts (which profit when a stock price trades lower).

Income Candidates

This list includes 20 stocks that can be used for selling cash-secured puts or a covered call strategy.

By selling put contracts, investors can receive cash in exchange for a promise to buy shares at a specific price. Stocks on this list can be used for this investment approach.

Please Note: None of the stocks included in the 20/20 Watch List (or examples below) should be considered recommendations. The charts do not depict historical gains for any past trades or recommendations. The 20/20 Watch List is simply a list of stocks that can be considered for trades, and the examples below are typical visuals and commentary included with a 20/20 Watch List subscription.

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Use the links below for an updated view of each watch list:

-Speculative Long Plays (Bullish)
-Speculative Short Plays (Bearish)
-Put-Selling / Covered-Call Candidates

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My guess is that you’ll love looking through these names regularly, and find some new stocks worth considering!

And if I’m wrong, no worries. You can check out all the names on my watch list, do your own research, and then request a full refund within 30 days. Even after the 30-day period is over, I’ll still gladly refund the un-used portion of your annual or quarterly subscription.

Take a look at the screenshot examples below and ask yourself if updated trade ideas like this would be worth the price of a cup of coffee each month!

Timely Charts, Quotes and Commentary

Each watch list stock is featured with a dynamic chart, recent stock price, and my personal commentary on why this name deserves a spot on our watch list.

Here are a few screenshots of historic watch list examples.

(The actual watch lists feature automatically updated stock charts and prices, and I review the commentary weekly — if not more frequently. Once again, these are not past recommendations or historical trades. They represent stocks that have been included in the watch list including commentary.)

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