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About Zach Scheidt

Hi, I’m Zach Scheidt. I am a professional investor, a writer, speaker, and the father of seven wonderful children.

In my previous job as a hedge fund manager, it was my responsibility to help our affluent clients generate reliable income from their wealth. That’s how I developed my area of expertise — income investing.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a student of financial markets. My undergrad degree is in Business Administration. After graduation, I worked at a bank while going to school at night to earn my MBA in finance. I also spent three years earning a prestigious finance designation.

But despite my formal education, the real learning actually took place in the live-fire arena of managing money for my hedge fund clients.

My Content

As a student of the markets, I’ve always believed that writing about my investment ideas actually makes me a better investor. There’s something about explaining an idea or opportunity that helps to clarify the concept in my own head.

So very early on in my career, I began writing about stocks, investment strategies, and investment opportunities.

Today, I am the income editor for Agora Financial, an independent economic publisher based in Baltimore Maryland. Currently, I manage the following subscription products:

Lifetime Income Report – Dedicated to finding great companies with the best dividend yields. With an emphasis on capital preservation, this service helps you protect your heard-earned savings while still generating an attractive yield.

Income on Demand – Using our perpetual income strategy, this service collects instant income payments from the market through selling put contracts and through covered call setups. This is an excellent way to generate extra income from stocks on your watch list.

Contract Income Alert – Buying corporate bonds at a discount is an excellent way to capture double-digit yields. At the same time, our bonds serve as legal contracts, requiring companies to pay back their debt to us with interest.

Family Wealth Circle – Offering a full 360-degree view of how to allocate my income opportunities into a working investment portfolio. Family Wealth Circle includes three unique portfolio models for different account sizes and experience levels.

Here on this site, my goal is to discuss the best income investment opportunities that I am following, and to help you learn how to take advantage of these opportuinities in your own account.

My Biography

I started my investment career as an analyst at a private $130 million hedge fund shop in Atlanta GA. Within a year, I got the opportunity to manage a small amount of capital for the firm and grew the amount of capital I managed from there.

Within three years, I took on the responsibility of managing the individual accounts of our most wealthy investors, while also trading for two of our three separate hedge funds.

In 2008, I added a new fund to my duties, focusing on IPO and secondary offerings. That same year, my wife gave birth to twins, and I came to the realization that some things in my life needed to change.

I was spending too much time at work, and I just couldn’t be the dad that I wanted to be, and still keep up with all of my investment responsibilities. So I left my position at the hedge fund and decided to manage my own capital while writing about markets.

In 2010, I co-founded Mercenary Trader, an investment publishing company focused on helping teach traders how to profitably navigate the markets. Over five years, our subscriber base grew quickly, and I had some great opportunities to work alongside some very motivated and successful investors.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to begin writing full time as the income editor for Agora Financial. Once again, this was a great chance to focus on my own investments, on helping other investors learn to generate income from markets, and to spend more time with my growing family.

So I sold my stake in Mercenary Trader and joined the Agora Financial family. I live in a suburb of Atlanta GA,

My Family

I’m the father of seven wonderful children. Two boys and five girls.

(Yes, we do know how this happens. Yes, one mother and one father. Yes, we do own a television. Yes, we can all fit into one vehicle. No, we’re not planning on adding any new Scheidtlings. Any other questions?)

In my spare time (yeah right…) I enjoy distance running and the occasional pick-up basketball game. I also spend plenty of time at the pool with the little ones, driving car pool to and from school activities, and “encouraging” kids to clean up their rooms.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter.

Please note that I cannot offer any individual investment advice.