Zach Scheidt’s Accelerated Income Model

An Actively Managed Portfolio…

The Accelerated Income Model is an actively managed model portfolio of income plays that you can use to pull investment income from the market in your own account.

This model uses my favorite investment income strategy: selling put contracts to collect instant income payments.

I learned this strategy during my career as a hedge fund manager. And since then, I’ve taught thousands of people how to use this strategy to grow their wealth and collect income from the markets.

Step-By-Step Trade Manual

If you’re new to this income strategy, don’t worry. I’ve got you taken care of!

Your subscription to the Accelerated Income Model includes access to a trading manual that explains exactly how this strategy works.

It even walks you through the entire process of setting up and managing your income trades — so you can do it by yourself if you want to!

Real-Time Trade Alerts

The Accelerated Income Model is a real-money model I use to generate income for my own family. But before I enter trades in my own account, I’ll send a real-time trade alert to your inbox. (Optional SMS text-message functionality coming soon.)

You’ll be able to set up your own trade right away, collecting an income payment from this put-selling strategy.

I’ll also send you a real-time trade alert any time I decide to exit a position to lock in profits or manage risk.

So you’ll be able to follow along with each income play, and you can rest assured that you’ll be aware of each entry and exit transaction before it happens in the Accelerated Income Model

Open and Closed Positions

You’ll always have access to a table of my current open positions. That way you can compare your own income plays to the model to make sure you’re on track.

I also include all historical income trades for your review. That way you can see how the model has done over time, review all winning (and losing) trades, and decide if the income model is right for you!

Already subscribed?

Use the links below to access your Accelerated Income materials:

The Accelerated Income Model Trading Manual
Accelerated Income Model Trade Alerts
Accelerated Income Model Positions

Ready for a Risk-Free Trial?

For just $99 per month — or $995 each year — you’ll receive actionable trade alerts for each new income trade. You’ll also have access to all open income positions and you can review all historical income plays.

And of course you’ll be able to review the Accelerated Income trading manual to make sure you understand exactly how this powerful trading strategy works.

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You can try out the Accelerated Income Model risk-free today with a 30-day money back guarantee!

If you decide that this income strategy is not for you, no worries. Just shoot me an email and ask for a refund. ([email protected]).

If you cancel in the first 30 days, I’ll be happy to refund your entire purchase. (I’ll even cover the transaction costs myself.)

After 30 days, I’ll still be happy to refund any unused portion of your subscription.

My guess is that you’ll love following along with these income plays, and collecting payments from our put selling strategy.

And if I’m wrong, no worries. You can download the trading manual, learn to use this strategy yourself, check out all the historical trades, and then request your refund. I’m just thankful to have a chance to show you how this income process works..

Take a look at all of the materials included and ask yourself if real-time income ideas like this would be worth the price of a daily cup of coffee!

Sign Up For Access…

If you would like access to these actionable stock watch lists, simply follow the links below to sign up. You can also reach out to me at [email protected] and I’ll help you get started.

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Once you sign up, I hope that you’ll stay in touch with me and let me know how you’re doing! I always love hearing from you and I look forward to helping you use this unique strategy to pull income from the market.

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth!